As we saw earlier today in Charlottesville, white supremacy is still alive and well in America. An alt-right protester killed an innocent woman who was only demonstrating her first amendment right to condemn the alt-right movement and white supremacy, while 19 other counterprotesters were also injured. Despite knowing the name of the alleged terrorist, I don’t think he deserves any recognition, and I hope the media and the rest of the U.S. do not let his act of murder become a mouthpiece for the alt-right.

Violence is not an acceptable form of protest, regardless of your political affiliation. However, the message of violence and hate that the neo-cons and neo-nazis in the alt-right have been spewing in the public domain for the last two+ years is finally coming to a head, and we haven’t seen the last of these emboldened mouthpieces of hate and bigotry. Democrats and Republicans alike need to stand up to those on the right who would add further fuel to this evil and hate.

The fabric of our society is torn apart by racism. I pledge to rebuild that fabric by standing firm against the hateful and unAmerican ideas of the alt-right movement. I pledge to block the spread of the Nazi agenda and prevent Hitler’s ideas of systematic genocide from taking root in America. White supremacy must end if we want the U.S. to remain the leader of the free world. I make a pledge to do everything in my power to make this the last generation that experiences systemic racism.

Stand with me and make the pledge. Together, we can make our society strong. Together, we can make a difference. Now let’s start making that difference today.


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Nick Schiller is a Democrat running for the United States House of Representatives for Michigan’s 2nd Congressional district. He is not a politician, just a normal Michigander who is concerned with the out-of-touch actions of our current members of Congress on both sides of the aisle. Want to learn more about Nick? Read his bio or visit his Facebook Page.