A quick thank you to the Muskegon County Democratic Party for allowing me two minutes to introduce myself and briefly touch on my thoughts about healthcare. However, I am extremely frustrated with the Michigan Democratic Party, and other organizers of this event, for overlooking me when putting together the panel of speakers for the Health Care Town Hall. It was incredibly disappointing and disheartening that I was not also able to provide my answers to the questions asked during the Healthcare Town Hall at Muskegon Community College, while my opponent for the Democratic Primary was featured prominently on all Town Hall advertisements and in the event descriptions.
It was irresponsible of the Michigan Democratic Party to side with one candidate so early on without providing equal space for my opponent and me to discuss our platforms and policies. One major reason the Democratic party lost the seat to Republicans in 2016 is because the DNC only took one candidate seriously in the presidential election. If we repeat these mistakes and allow the Democratic Party to splinter once again, I fear we’ll be doomed to an outcome much like 2016. It is not Democracy if only one side (or one candidate) is allowed to speak.


Nick Schiller is a Democrat running for the United States House of Representatives for Michigan’s 2nd Congressional district. He is not a politician, just a normal Michigander who is concerned with the out-of-touch actions of our current members of Congress on both sides of the aisle. Want to learn more about Nick? Read his bio or visit his Facebook Page.