In America, we are still reckoning with a massive and comprehensive social and economic shift. College tuition has soared (and continues to), the job market is bloated as older generations struggle to retire, and housing costs keep millions of millennials and college graduates stuck in their parents’ homes or without the opportunity to relocate for work. Our current Congress, however, is largely untouched by these issues. The average Congress member is 57 years old and grew up in an era when the American dream was still possible. While minorities and women faced greater obstacles, it was still possible to pull yourself by your bootstraps. It was possible to work your way through college with minimal debt and buy a house soon after.

I am tired of people who have never experienced life’s hardships making the rules for those of us who have.

In 2018, however, we see a much different picture. In this picture, people who are out of touch are making the rules when they have no grasp on contemporary struggles. My goal in running for the House of Representatives is to change that. With young people and millennials getting involved in politics, we can help others having experienced those struggles firsthand. We need people in charge that understand and have experienced what it’s like to struggle through school and then struggle to find work, and our current Congress does not relate to those experiences. Instead of listening to the struggles of the working class, Congress focuses their time on helping their wealthy donors and corporate interests. From now on, we need to elect blue-collar and working-class candidates who are willing to ignore the out-of-touch priorities on both sides of the aisle and who will fight for policies that support and strengthen the middle class. 

We need to start electing everyday middle-class citizens who are free of corruption and who have lived unprivileged, working class lives.

I believe that if young people and communities get involved in government to fight for their interests, we can work together to rebuild the middle class and secure a better future for people of all agesBuilding on these ideas, our campaign platform became simple:

I’ve spent the year listening to the people of West Michigan, and I’ve taken note of a few good ideas for how we can carry out these ideas. Click here to check those ideas out for yourself.

Just know that we can’t do this without your help! If you agree with this platform and are interested in getting involved in this campaign, you can help by signing up to VOLUNTEER or by making a DONATION to our campaign. No matter the amount, any donation that you can make helps bring us one step closer to Washington!