Park Entry Fees to Triple Under New NPS Proposal

The National Parks Service (an agency within the Department of Interior) is putting forward a means to pay for needed maintenance by doubling, sometimes tripling, park entry fees.

This initiative follows a proposal to slash the budget of the NPS, and also follows reports that the Secretary of Interior, Ryan Zinke, has been using taxpayer money for charter flights instead of much cheaper commercial flights.

Party politics aside, it is unequivocally wrong for Zinke to use taxpayer money to fund his travels and to cut the budget of the NPS while simultaneously suggesting the only way to fund National Park maintenance is through alienating visitors and depriving families from some of America’s greatest points of pride and beauty.

We don’t have much time – make your voice heard by clicking
HERE before the public comment period ends on November 23rd, 2017.  Our National Parks are a part of what makes America great and we need to urge members of Congress to fight the administration tooth and nail to preserve public access.


Hopefully this 30 day window of public input will lead Congress to push through an alternative funding plan that does not place the burden on families looking to make memories.




Facebook Town Hall #3

Congressional candidate Nick Schiller speaking in his third Facebook Live Town Hall event about Government Corruption & Restoring Integrity.

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Health Care Town Hall @ MCC

A quick thank you to the Muskegon County Democratic Party for allowing me two minutes to introduce myself and briefly touch on my thoughts about healthcare. However, I am extremely frustrated with the Michigan Democratic Party, and other organizers of this event, for overlooking me when putting together the panel of speakers for the Health Care Town Hall. It was incredibly disappointing and disheartening that I was not also able to provide my answers to the questions asked during the Healthcare Town Hall at Muskegon Community College, while my opponent for the Democratic Primary was featured prominently on all Town Hall advertisements and in the event descriptions.
It was irresponsible of the Michigan Democratic Party to side with one candidate so early on without providing equal space for my opponent and me to discuss our platforms and policies. One major reason the Democratic party lost the seat to Republicans in 2016 is because the DNC only took one candidate seriously in the presidential election. If we repeat these mistakes and allow the Democratic Party to splinter once again, I fear we’ll be doomed to an outcome much like 2016. It is not Democracy if only one side (or one candidate) is allowed to speak.


Equifax Hack Follow-Up

As a follow up to my blog post on the Equifax hack (which you can read by clicking here) – If you’re wondering why Representative Huizenga hasn’t made any announcements regarding the Equifax security breach, it is most likely because the Republican incumbent for the U.S. House of Representatives has received campaign donations from Equifax totaling $2000, and has also received donations from other two major credit bureaus – $9500 from Experian and $4500 from Trans Union Corp .

Representative Huizenga decided to betray his constituents and listen to lobbyists who filled his pockets with huge campaign donations for his loyalty.

Huizenga put his own interests ahead of the interests of his constituents, and now 143 million Americans have fallen victim to his greed and corruption. We need to elect representatives who place people before politics, constituents before corporations, and the constitution over their own corruption. Huizenga claims that deregulating large corporations creates jobs, but he knows full well that regulations are put in place to protect consumers from corporate negligence. After this, I think we are all aware of who Huizenga represents, and it isn’t the people of West Michigan.

Last week, I released my tax returns to show that my loyalties lie with the middle class. It is time that we call upon Bill Huizenga and every other candidate running for Federal office to release their tax returns. We should know who is lining the pockets of our representatives and where they pledge their allegiance. I proved that I am part of the middle class and aren’t beholden to Wall Street interests, so you can be sure that I’m working to strengthen the middle class to make life better for the people in my community.

By bringing political corruption into the light and exposing it to the world, we can work towards making a better future for the people of West Michigan. You can help strengthen this campaign by making a contribution supporting Nick Schiller for Congress by clicking here, purchasing a shirt to show your support by clicking here, or you can sign up to volunteer for the campaign by clicking here.


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Equifax Hack

A little over a week ago, we learned that hackers had stolen the personal information of 143 million Americans from Equifax, one of the three large credit-rating agencies. Then we found out that not only had Equifax experienced a massive data breach, but the company then waited six weeks to go public with this information. Hackers which had gained access to the names, Social Security numbers, addresses, birthdates, and driver’s license numbers had almost two months to run wild with the personal data of almost half of all Americans.

Also, remember that the Americans whose data was stolen are not clients or customers of the credit rating agency – the information was collected about each American from various sources and individuals and was compiled and stored in detailed files that can be sold to credit card companies and other marketers. Equifax has no reason to care about protecting our information or informing us of any data breach because we are their product, not their customers.

The amount of disregard for consumer security that was shown by Equifax gets even worse. We know that three Equifax executives dumped 1.8 million dollars of stocks in the company a few days after the breach was discovered, but the company claims the timing was coincidence and the executives were unaware of the hacking at the time of the sales. We also know that after Equifax discovered the data breach, the company put together a plan to further take advantage of their victims by providing a free year of credit monitoring services via TrustedID to those affected by the breach. It was discovered later that TrustedID would automatically begin billing consumers after the free year was up for a whopping $20 a month.

Additionally, by accepting this free year of credit monitoring through the hilariously-named TrustedID, consumers would be forfeiting their right to sue Equifax and would require the victim to go to arbitration instead, which is a notoriously biased process which usually places consumers and victims at a disadvantage. Agreeing to arbitration also prevents the consumer from filing or joining a class action lawsuit regarding the hack, letting Equifax off the hook for their negligence.

How can a corporation such as Equifax leave consumers vulnerable to hackers for six weeks before disclosing that the hack occurred? There are very few regulations when it comes to the three large credit reporting agencies. Equifax, Experian, and Trans Union all spend millions of dollars every year lobbying members of Congress to prevent the creation of oversight regulations for the credit bureaus. Consumer advocates have pushed for stronger privacy rules for the credit rating agencies since the 1960s, but Congress chose to listen to the money flowing into their campaigns from lobbyists and neglected to pass any regulations that would require the credit bureaus to immediately notify an individual when their information has been compromised.

It is clear that these large financial institutions and credit reporting agencies do not care about the well-being or safety of American citizens. Instead, these corporations are only concerned with maximizing profits using any means necessary, regardless of who is harmed in the process. Americans need to wake up and demand that consumer protections be put in place to hold these institutions accountable to the American people, not a handful of executives within the company. It is time we give power back to the people.



By protecting Americans from corporate greed and recklessness, we can work towards making a better future for the people of West Michigan. You can help strengthen this campaign by making a contribution supporting Nick Schiller for Congress by clicking here, purchasing a shirt to show your support by clicking here, or you can sign up to volunteer for the campaign by clicking here.

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Candidate Disclosure of 2016 Tax Returns

To reiterate what I talked about in my Facebook video yesterday, the average member of the House of Representatives is 57 years old and more than half of Congress has a net worth of around a million dollars. We need to elect more millennials from the middle class to Congress who have the interests of the middle class in mind and won’t put party politics over the well-being of the nation. I also said we need to implement campaign finance reforms which included mandatory public disclosure of tax returns and reporting of all incomes for all federal candidates as well as a Constitutional amendment overturning Citizens United. We need to change the way our government is running, and we need to start making that change today. As promised in my video yesterday, below is a copy of my 2016 Federal Form 1040.


Form 1040 Page 1 (2016)
Form 1040 Page 2 (2016)

As the only middle-class candidate running for office in the Second Congressional District, I can honestly say that I understand the struggles of working-class America and will work towards strengthening and expanding the middle class once again. I urge everyone to demand that Representative Bill Huizenga also release his tax returns for 2016 (or, better yet, every tax return since he was sworn into office in 2011).

I am part of the middle class, so you can be sure that I’m working to strengthen the middle class to make life better for everyone I’ve ever known or worked with. Can your Representative say the same? #CallBillAndAsk #DollarBillHuizenga #TheRichOnlyHelpThemselves#VoteForTheMiddleClass #WestMichiganValues #MiddleClassValues #CampaignFinanceReform #ElectMillennialsNotMillionaires#NickSchillerForCongress #BringDown$Bill

Remembering September 11th


Instead of making a long post about how I think September 11th impacted me and my generation, I decided to just jump on Facebook Live and talk for a few minutes with everyone about how millennials view patriotism and why more young people need to get involved in politics.

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Posted by Nick Schiller for Congress on Monday, September 11, 2017

Facebook Town Hall #1

Facebook Town Hall #1 featuring Nick Schiller, candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives. Nick Schiller is a Democrat running for Congress against incumbent Republican Congressman Bill Huizenga in Michigan’s 2nd Congressional district. He is not a politician, just a normal Michigander who is concerned with the out-of-touch actions of our current members of congress on both sides of the aisle. Congress needs to be reminded that they serve as the voice of the people, not as lapdogs for large corporations and wealthy donors on Wall Street.

Alt-Right Terrorism in Charlottesville

As we saw earlier today in Charlottesville, white supremacy is still alive and well in America. An alt-right protester killed an innocent woman who was only demonstrating her first amendment right to condemn the alt-right movement and white supremacy, while 19 other counterprotesters were also injured. Despite knowing the name of the alleged terrorist, I don’t think he deserves any recognition, and I hope the media and the rest of the U.S. do not let his act of murder become a mouthpiece for the alt-right.

Violence is not an acceptable form of protest, regardless of your political affiliation. However, the message of violence and hate that the neo-cons and neo-nazis in the alt-right have been spewing in the public domain for the last two+ years is finally coming to a head, and we haven’t seen the last of these emboldened mouthpieces of hate and bigotry. Democrats and Republicans alike need to stand up to those on the right who would add further fuel to this evil and hate.

The fabric of our society is torn apart by racism. I pledge to rebuild that fabric by standing firm against the hateful and unAmerican ideas of the alt-right movement. I pledge to block the spread of the Nazi agenda and prevent Hitler’s ideas of systematic genocide from taking root in America. White supremacy must end if we want the U.S. to remain the leader of the free world. I make a pledge to do everything in my power to make this the last generation that experiences systemic racism.

Stand with me and make the pledge. Together, we can make our society strong. Together, we can make a difference. Now let’s start making that difference today.


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