While the world moves forward, the United States is dragging its feet. Regardless of personal opinions on global warming or climate change, the rest of the industrial world is adapting to cleaner methods of energy and production. Rather than debating morality or how accurate the science is, China, India, and dozens others are now using clean energy while we are still relying on older methods.

Whether you’re an environment activist or just a working person concerned about the future of the economy, green energy is the answer. We cannot undo much of the damage we’ve already done to the natural world, but we can stop destroying it for our consumption. Investing in renewable energy means that we can reduce the amount of foreign oil that we buy, stop drilling in the ancient Alaskan wilderness, and stop cutting down lush forests for our gain. The resources will run out. What we are doing now just isn’t sustainable, economically or environmentally.

Making this change means we can do our part to keep our beautiful natural ecosystems alive and it also means fiscal benefit. Wind power, solar power, hydropower and others all require designers, manufacturers, installers, and maintenance. This energy, by definition, is infinite. Jobs lost from mining and oil drilling can be replaced by wind farm manufacturing and labor. Whether you’re a scientist, a concerned citizen, or just a working person, green energy just makes sense.

Green energy is the future, let’s get to work.


Don’t just take it from me, though, research has been done by Business.com, Tufts University, the National Renewable Energy Lab, the Union of Concerned Scientists, and Clean Technica to back this up. Read more here:

Michelle Moroney works with the Nick Schiller for Congress campaign as a political coordinator. She is a graduate of the James Madison College of Public Affairs at Michigan State University and has worked on various social justice projects both in the United States and Australia.