As a follow up to my blog post on the Equifax hack (which you can read by clicking here) – If you’re wondering why Representative Huizenga hasn’t made any announcements regarding the Equifax security breach, it is most likely because the Republican incumbent for the U.S. House of Representatives has received campaign donations from Equifax totaling $2000, and has also received donations from other two major credit bureaus – $9500 from Experian and $4500 from Trans Union Corp .

Representative Huizenga decided to betray his constituents and listen to lobbyists who filled his pockets with huge campaign donations for his loyalty.

Huizenga put his own interests ahead of the interests of his constituents, and now 143 million Americans have fallen victim to his greed and corruption. We need to elect representatives who place people before politics, constituents before corporations, and the constitution over their own corruption. Huizenga claims that deregulating large corporations creates jobs, but he knows full well that regulations are put in place to protect consumers from corporate negligence. After this, I think we are all aware of who Huizenga represents, and it isn’t the people of West Michigan.

Last week, I released my tax returns to show that my loyalties lie with the middle class. It is time that we call upon Bill Huizenga and every other candidate running for Federal office to release their tax returns. We should know who is lining the pockets of our representatives and where they pledge their allegiance. I proved that I am part of the middle class and aren’t beholden to Wall Street interests, so you can be sure that I’m working to strengthen the middle class to make life better for the people in my community.

By bringing political corruption into the light and exposing it to the world, we can work towards making a better future for the people of West Michigan. You can help strengthen this campaign by making a contribution supporting Nick Schiller for Congress by clicking here, purchasing a shirt to show your support by clicking here, or you can sign up to volunteer for the campaign by clicking here.


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Nick Schiller is a Democrat running for the United States House of Representatives for Michigan’s 2nd Congressional district. He is not a politician, just a normal Michigander who is concerned with the out-of-touch actions of our current members of Congress on both sides of the aisle. Want to learn more about Nick? Read his bio or visit his Facebook Page.