To reiterate what I talked about in my Facebook video yesterday, the average member of the House of Representatives is 57 years old and more than half of Congress has a net worth of around a million dollars. We need to elect more millennials from the middle class to Congress who have the interests of the middle class in mind and won’t put party politics over the well-being of the nation. I also said we need to implement campaign finance reforms which included mandatory public disclosure of tax returns and reporting of all incomes for all federal candidates as well as a Constitutional amendment overturning Citizens United. We need to change the way our government is running, and we need to start making that change today. As promised in my video yesterday, below is a copy of my 2016 Federal Form 1040.


Form 1040 Page 1 (2016)
Form 1040 Page 2 (2016)

As the only middle-class candidate running for office in the Second Congressional District, I can honestly say that I understand the struggles of working-class America and will work towards strengthening and expanding the middle class once again. I urge everyone to demand that Representative Bill Huizenga also release his tax returns for 2016 (or, better yet, every tax return since he was sworn into office in 2011).

I am part of the middle class, so you can be sure that I’m working to strengthen the middle class to make life better for everyone I’ve ever known or worked with. Can your Representative say the same? #CallBillAndAsk #DollarBillHuizenga #TheRichOnlyHelpThemselves#VoteForTheMiddleClass #WestMichiganValues #MiddleClassValues #CampaignFinanceReform #ElectMillennialsNotMillionaires#NickSchillerForCongress #BringDown$Bill

Nick Schiller is a Democrat running for the United States House of Representatives for Michigan’s 2nd Congressional district. He is not a politician, just a normal Michigander who is concerned with the out-of-touch actions of our current members of Congress on both sides of the aisle. Want to learn more about Nick? Read his bio or visit his Facebook Page.